- EFFECTIVENESS - Authentification to 100 %. (ECB evaluation)
- EASY TO USE - Automatic result. (Animation)
- Means of signalling : Light indicators & Sound signals.
- SPEED - Lenght < 1s / note.
- RELIABILITY - Long life components. 2 years guarantee.
- Whitout mecanics & rechargeable batteries.
- FLEXIBILITY - Portable detector (11x7x2 cm 120 gr).
- Power supply by 9V battery (>5000 tests).
- ADAPTABILITY - Evolutionary software / Updates free.
- Link fastener.
Portable and autonomous apparatus, the Mercure detector from Monetec allows with a very high effectiveness, a fast and automatic detection of the counterfeit banknotes.
Using a wide spectrum scanner specific for Monetec technology, the Mercure is a multi-detection detector which allows the following analyses :

- Imaging under visible radiations.
- Imaging under Infra-reds radiations.
- Mettalized strip.

Its ergonomics and its ease of use allow to easily use it in any places. Frequently used by the safety agents, the central cash or the reception, Mercury is the ideal detector for a use in portable mode.