The European currency, in the process of becoming economically one of most successful of world, makes also more and more the happiness of the counterfeiters in a highly lucrative market.

The last official statements of the ECB do not let predict of significant fall of the counterfeit money which as for it shows a perpetual evolution from the qualitative point of view. This constant evolution shows the facility today that have the counterfeiters to remake a currency so-called impossible to forge.

Thus, today, no tradesman can be unaware of this curse which touches directly their receipt and of this fact the profitability even of the firm.

Of course, there are many counterfeit detection equipments in order to protect itself and that goes from the old lamp to ultraviolet rays to the automatic systems most advanced . But, as you know it, the effectiveness and the reliability of each one of these apparatuses is quite different from one model to another.

Our company, specialist since 10 years in the cash payment security, develop high performance counterfeit banknote detectors who become today the inevitable reference of the market.